Frequently asked questions

Minimum age required?

21 years old is the minimum age to operate a jet ski in any of our adventures, but 13 and over can get on as passenger with a legal guardian onboard.

Can i fit 9 people on 1 jet ski?

Sadly our Limosine Jet Ski service is unavailable at the momment. But you can fit up to 2 people on any of our tours, but we still recommend you go single since is more stable, easier to drive and more FUN.

Is my hair gonna get wet?

Probably :)

Is there lockers or storage for personal belongings?

Limited space is available for small items.

Can we switch drivers ?

Yes, everybody must be 21to be able to drive.

Do i need to know how to swim to participate?

Swiming may be required to participate on some activities please notify our staff before you participate.

Can I pay cash and credit card?